Investing Made Simple

Omniss is a cutting edge online investing platform, that automatically connects investors with 1,000’s of professional traders using our sophisticated optimization algorithm

Revolutionize your portfolio with Omniss: the ultimate connection to expert trading wisdom.

No Minimums

Start investing with 1$ or 1M$. It's all good

Online Automatic Optimization

Unilke in other platforms, your protfolio is automatically optimized at any given time, and your funds always goes with the best current traders

No Profit! No Payment!

Pay only a % from your profits. No profits, No payment

No Lock ups

No string attached. If you'll want to jump ship you can do it at a press of a button

No Deposits

Omniss is trading straight from you broker account, so no need to transfer funds. your'e in control

Online Trade Transparency

Omniss is as transparent as it gets. Every trade, loss or profit, is presented in your dashboard

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Most frequent questions and answers

We have the technology built, but it is not yet available to everyone. Right now we are running extensive tests with real trading accounts

Investing companies usually make get paid in 2 ways:

1. % from the funds

2. % from the profits

That means that even if they don’t make you money, you still pay them. Sounds not fair. That’s why we decided to only take a small % from the profits. That means if there aren’t any profits, we don’t get paid

There’s none. Really

Excellent question!

We have partnered with 2 big social investments platforms that provide us each with 100’s of traders trades, online.  This is our biggest cost, as we only use top of the line data. 

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